Push Camera for Pipe Inspection

VERISIGHT PRO+ | Lateral and Drain Inspection Camera

0 '
Available length
2- 0 "
Diameter capability
0 hrs
Maximum video recording

Verisight Pro

  • "Productivity in our video inspections has increased significantly with this equipment. It has made for a more streamlined production process—from the ease-of-use in the field, to simple transferring of inspection information back to Trinity's office and to our clients."

    Sean Warner

    Director of Field Operations | Trinity Subsurface Engineering

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  • "That camera is a big selling point for us. We can stand behind our service better because of it. We can give our customers confidence that the clog in the drain is resolved, or ensure the Realtor that the pipe under the property they’re selling is in good shape because we can actually show them footage. And it makes us more efficient. Unlike some competitors, we don’t get call-backs or lose money having to redo anything because we can be confident it’s resolved in the first place."

    Nick Marsala

    Owner | EC Plumbing

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Envirosight equipment navigates through sewers, storm drains and laterals, powering past debris and obstructions. Learn more about the cities, contractors, engineers and DOTs who count on our technology to get the job done, day after day.

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