Deciding When to Outsource


The decision to outsource collection system inspection and rehab or complete it in-house isn’t easy. But properly evaluating your team’s capabilities and your current system could save you both time and money.

Fast-tracking Municipal Procurement

Contract Purchasing

Cooperative contracts streamline the competitive bidding process, allowing municipalities to obtain the best product at the best value. In this white paper, we discuss the advantages of cooperative purchasing contracts and detail the process for cooperative procurement.

Sewer Cameras: Rent, Lease or Buy

Rent, Lease, or Buy

Deciding whether to rent, lease or buy a sewer camera is rarely simple. We researched the relative merits of renting, leasing and buying and compiled our findings in this free white paper.

Top 10 Crawler Purchasing Considerations

Top 10 Crawler Considerations

Purchasing an inspection crawler is a big decision. To make the choice easier, we created this white paper, which draws on current market research, technological developments and industry best practices to help you make an informed decision.

Zoom Camera Buyer’s Guide

Zoom Camera Buyer's Guide

This buyer’s guide walks you through the important factors to consider in each category when comparing sewer zoom cameras for purchase. Illumination, video detail, alignment, stabilization, setup, portability, and control interface all impact the performance of a zoom camera.

7 Secrets to Low Crawler Cost-of-ownership

Cost-of-Ownership for Sewer Crawlers

In this white paper, we reveal seven strategies to keep crawler lifetime cost-of-ownership as low as possible, including operating tips, suggested maintenance procedures and intervals, buyer advice, and important design considerations.

Municipal Grant-writing: Part I

Grant Writing Part I

The first in a two-part series, this white paper discusses grant opportunities for wastewater infrastructure and how to take advantage of them.