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Digging Deep: Cross Bore Inspection Services


In this white paper, we discuss the many factors a sewer inspection company must consider before diving into cross bore inspection services, including the opportunities available, resources needed, and clients. We also reveal proven strategies for achieving success in this growing market.

Trenching & Excavation Safety Poster

Sewer Excavation & Trenching Safety Poster

Trenching is dangerous. Dozens of fatalities and hundreds of injuries occur each year at trenching and excavation sites. This safety poster focuses on trenching safety. It explains the various soil types, sloping and shoring requirements, and more.

Traffic Safety Around Sewers Poster

Traffic Safety Around Sewers

Setup for traffic work zones varies by street size and traffic volume, and managing these details is crucial to keeping your teams safe. Limit their exposure to traffic hazards by ensuring compliant work zones. Our poster explains the necessary measures for safe, effective traffic control.

Sewer Health & Hygiene Poster

Sewer Health & Hygiene Poster

Take the right precautions against infectious disease to keep yourself, your team and your family healthy. This poster illustrates how to safeguard yourself with personal protective equipment (PPE), proper clean-up practices and recommended vaccinations.

Confined Space Entry Poster

Confined Space Entry Safety Poster

This poster for sewer inspection crews warns against the hazards of confined space entry. Discover the authorizations, equipment, procedures and training that are required before a technician can safely enter a confined space.