Sewer Camera Systems for Municipal Use

Make sure no detail is overlooked when it comes to your inspection system.

Conditions Are Tougher Than Ever

Deteriorating infrastructure, budget shortfalls, tightening regulations, severe wet weather events—life is getting harder for wastewater utilities.

Technology You Can Count On

Unrivaled capability for critical infrastructure

sewer crawler

Inspection Crawlers

The world’s most popular inspection crawler, ROVVER X captures every detail from inside sewer lines. It reconfigures quickly to inspect pipes of any size, material and condition. Its steerable 6-wheel drive powers past obstacles. Its touchscreen interface lets you code defects while inspecting. And the system’s compact design travels practically anywhere.

sewer zoom camera

Rapid-assessment Cameras

Assess pipes rapidly and affordably to see if cleaning or crawler inspection is necessary. Quickview gives you a comprehensive understanding of collection system condition with less investment. Plus, it’s the perfect tool for responding to emergency call-outs, performing pre- and post-cleaning inspection, and assessing manhole condition.

sewer inspection software

Inspection & Asset Management Software

Decisions are only as good as the data behind them. WinCan is the industry-leading platform for gathering, sharing and analyzing sewer inspection data, with built-in tools for online collaboration, detailed reporting, AI-powered automation and powerful map-based data visualization.

jetter camera

Video Nozzles

If you clean sewers without a video nozzle, you’re wasting time and resources. The Jetscan HD threads onto your jetter hose to verify cleaning, identify defects and troubleshoot problems while you clean—without having to call in a TV truck. 

municipal push camera

Push Camera

Get a rapid look into drain lines, laterals and cleanouts with the Verisight Pro push camera. Designed for long-distance inspections, it stores hours of inspection footage, has powerful overlay tools and offloads digital video to a USB drive.

  • "There’s definitely been an increase in efficiency with the SAT II. We are getting more done. It’s crawling faster and we’re getting to our problem spots quicker."

    Jason Auge

    CCTV Specialist | Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority

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  • "This truck compared to what we were using, it’s just night and day. Previously, we needed tools to take apart the camera—to change the wheels or change the setup. What would take at least 10 minutes to change before, takes less than two now. It’s definitely made things easier for us. I absolutely love it."

    Ian Robertson

    CCTV Operator | Ironhouse Sanitary District

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  • "Tigard’s a heavy traffic area, so having the ability to steer through manholes that have slight bends in them, the ability to turn corners for blind keys and continue on, the ability to steer around protruding taps or masses in pipes to continue the inspection—they were all key factors in determining which product we chose."

    Rob Block

    Wastewater and Stormwater Operations Supervisor | City of Tigard, OR

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  • "The Quickview airHD has served us well when the crawler isn’t needed. When we have tight situations where we don’t want to make an entry, the Quickview pole camera helps out 100%."

    Ed Kovacs

    Collection Maintenance Manager | Western Monmouth Utilities Authority

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  • "We can quickly assess whether the problems within the lines are due to debris, roots or encrustation, and figure out which nozzle will best work when cleaning the line. The steps we take before [cleaning] ensure that we are maximizing our effectiveness and efficiency."

    Ryan Engler

    Environmental Operations Foreman | City of Red Deer, AB

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  • "We run the Jetscan up the line ... Then we pick the best nozzle for the challenge."

    Jim Legg

    Wastewater Operations Supervisor | Uxbridge, MA Department of Public Works

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  • "Now, instead of CCTV’ing everything, we use these zoom cameras. You can see really well, almost 300 feet, and it looks like it’s driving down the line–it’s really cool."

    Darrin Deutscher

    General Supervisor II | Wichita Stormwater

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