Pole Camera for Sewer Inspection

QUICKVIEW AIRHD | Powerful Zoom Technology for Rapid Sewer Assessment

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  • "Now, instead of CCTV’ing everything, we use these zoom cameras. You can see really well, almost 300 feet, and it looks like it’s driving down the line–it’s really cool."

    Darrin Deutscher

    General Supervisor II | Wichita Stormwater

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  • "The Quickview airHD has served us well when the crawler isn’t needed. When we have tight situations where we don’t want to make an entry, the Quickview pole camera helps out 100%."

    Ed Kovacs

    Collection Maintenance Manager | Western Monmouth Utilities Authority

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  • "We can quickly assess whether the problems within the lines are due to debris, roots or encrustation, and figure out which nozzle will best work when cleaning the line. The steps we take before [cleaning] ensure that we are maximizing our effectiveness and efficiency."

    Ryan Engler

    Environmental Operations Foreman | City of Red Deer, AB

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