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You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure

Envirosight equipment is designed to collect a wealth of data from wastewater infrastructure, helping engineers make justifiable decisions based on complete information.

Enhanced Decision-making

Engineers rely on Envirosight technologies to capture visual and dimensional data.

sewer crawler

Inspection Crawlers

The world’s most popular inspection crawler, ROVVER X captures every detail from inside sewer lines. It reconfigures quickly to inspect pipes of any size, material and condition. Its steerable 6-wheel drive powers past obstacles. Its touchscreen interface lets you code defects while inspecting. And the system’s compact design travels practically anywhere.

sewer zoom camera

Rapid-Assessment Cameras

Assess the layout and condition of manholes and connecting pipelines with Quickview. This powerful, handheld zoom camera deploys rapidly and captures HD footage using powerful zoom optics and illumination.

Quickview 360

Manhole Inspection

With the push of a button, CleverScan captures 360-degree visual data and a dimensional point cloud from manholes. A virtual, textured model can be viewed in 3D space, and geometry can be exported to engineering applications in standard CAD formats.

sewer inspection software

Inspection & Asset Management Software

Decisions are only as good as the data behind them. WinCan is the industry-leading platform for gathering, sharing and analyzing sewer inspection, with built-in tools for online collaboration, detailed reporting, AI-powered automation and powerful map-based data visualization.

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