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The Power to Pinpoint
Buried Assets

When you’re on a jobsite, the mission is clear: find out exactly where underground utilities are buried and document their condition. Envirosight crawlers and push cameras have the agility to navigate through bends and overcome obstacles, capturing detailed video and broadcasting an easy-to-locate sonde signal in multiple frequencies.   

Insight Delivered On-Site

Our field-hardened equipment is designed to deliver results, day after punishing day.

Envirosight equipment goes where other equipment can’t, capturing detailed inspection data and giving you the bigger picture. Our products are equipped with multi-frequency locating sondes, and our crawlers measure pipe grade, branch angles, pipe diameter/ovality, flow level and more.

sewer crawler

Inspection Crawlers

The world’s most popular inspection crawler, ROVVER X captures every detail from inside sewer lines. It reconfigures quickly to inspect pipes of any size, material and condition. Its steerable 6-wheel drive powers past obstacles. Its touchscreen interface lets you code defects while inspecting. And the system’s compact design travels practically anywhere.

lateral inspection camera

Lateral Launch

Whether you’re locating cross bores or tracing a service connection, the ROVVER X SAT II is designed to complete more launches per manhole insertion and more launches per hour. This lateral launch crawler has steerable 8-wheel drive to get you to tough launch points, and a patent-pending belt drive offers low-maintenance pushing performance.

sewer inspection software

Inspection & Asset Management Software

Decisions are only as good as the data behind them. WinCan is the industry-leading platform for gathering, sharing and analyzing sewer inspections, with built-in tools for online collaboration, detailed reporting, AI-powered automation and powerful map-based data visualization.

push cameras

Push Camera

Descend into drain lines, laterals and cleanouts with the Verisight Pro+ push camera. Designed for long-distance travel, it stores hours of inspection footage, has powerful video overlay tools and offloads digital video to a USB drive.

  • "I love the Envirosight system ... I like it for the functionality and ease of use. The overall quality of the system is great, not only the video, but also the equipment itself."

    Kyle Humphreys

    VPI Manager for the Western U.S. | Ground Penetrating Radar Systems

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  • "Once we complete a job, what we give to the client at the end is really what separates us from our competitors. They get a map of all of the utilities that we marked on site. If we're doing a camera inspection, they get the PACP report and in-depth observations. They get pictures and a work order detailing all of the things we did on-site, which is stored digitally so our clients can access it at any time and follow-up with questions."

    Jake Mason

    President | Mason Private Locating Company

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  • "When we tell customers that we can actually locate laterals with only sewer main access, we go out there and look like rock stars. They’ve been looking for this utility for so long and they haven’t been able to find it and we find it within a couple minutes."

    Chris Loera

    CEO | C Below

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  • "The client suspected manhole issues, and they were right. About half had issues related to faulty mastic barriers or missing brick mortar, and we were absolutely spotting many problems, from leaks to gushers, that a simpler system would have missed."

    Robert Korosec

    Co-founder | Subsurface Utility Imaging

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