Rovver X

Robotic Sewer Inspection Camera

With 4000+ systems operating worldwide, ROVVER X is the industry’s most trusted sewer inspection crawler.

Rovver X


Lateral Launch

SAT II expands your ROVVER X system to launch into lateral lines from a main, rapidly locating cross bores and illicit flows.


Side Scan

Capture a sewer side-scan with detail from every square inch of pipe wall. Just attach the Digisewer camera to your ROVVER X—no tools needed.


Laser Profile

Measure pipe ovality, track erosion, and size up defects—ROVVER X’s laser profiling attachment captures accurate geometry.


Take Control

ROVVER X pocket controls


When you’re setting up at a manhole, stay focused on the work. This remote control puts all major crawler and reel functions in the palm of your hand, and it comes with every ROVVER X system.

ROVVER X handheld controls


The standard ROVVER X operator interface lets you control crawler and camera movement using joysticks, with a wealth of other functions at the ready through touchscreen controls.

ROVVER X desktop controls


For high-productivity environments, our desktop command center offers precision control, full QWERTY keyboard, and ergonomic comfort.

In the Field, On the Job.

Envirosight equipment navigates through sewers, storm drains and laterals, powering past debris and obstructions. Learn more about the cities, contractors, engineers and DOTs who count on our technology to get the job done, day after day.

When the demands of the job grow,
ROVVER X keeps up.

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