Fisheye Sewer Camera Attachment for ROVVER X

Digisewer | Side-Scan Sewer Camera for ROVVER X

Capture every detail from pipe walls. The Digisewer camera for ROVVER X rapidly acquires superior resolution footage, using affordable, easy-to-operate hardware.

side scan digisewer sewer


Why Our Fisheye Sewer Camera Is the Right Call

At Envirosight, we are dedicated to helping our customers build healthier and safer communities.  Digisewer supplies high-quality resolution inspection images at triple the speed of CCTV to give you a faster and more detailed pipe assessment.

Features of our side-scan sewer camera include:

  • High resolution visuals of every inch of the pipe wall
  • Inspection at 50 fps
  • No stopping to pan, tilt, or zoom
  • Quick review and annotation
  • Ovality measurement with laser accessory

Envirosight equipment is backed by a continent-wide network of certified experts.

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