Sewer Cameras: Rent, Lease or Buy

Rent, Lease, or Buy

Deciding whether to rent, lease or buy a sewer camera is rarely simple. We researched the relative merits of renting, leasing and buying and compiled our findings in this free white paper.

Anatomy of a Collection System

Sewer Systems Safety

Discover the journey of wastewater, from residential and commercial connections all the way to the wastewater treatment plant.

Sewer Maintenance 101

Sewers 101

This easy-to-use guidebook provides a comprehensive overview of collection system components, safety considerations, best practices, terminology, and technologies for inspection, cleaning and repair.

Rethinking Manhole Inspection

Rethinking Manhole Inspection

Repairing manholes can help municipalities save big. While their complex design presented a challenge in the past, new technologies have made manhole maintenance a safe and practical option for reducing I&I.